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“Far from the didactic, The Opulence Of Integrity is an entertaining and stimulating hour of performance.”

-Eva Yaa Assantewa / Infinite Body Blog


The Opulence of Integrity is an evening length work divided into four movements.  Each movement is introduced by a chorus of narrators who use quotes from Ali to set the scene for each movement experience that follows.  There is also an element of projection that lays the backdrop for the cultural and social energy of each time period.  The musical score for the work was created by Zimbabwean composer Farai Malianga, whose contemporary take on the subject matter supports the choreography every step of the way.  Lighting design by Nick Hung provides the audience with the feeling of watching history through the frames of old tattered photos while Aya Shibahara’s costuming infuses vibrancy and individualism into each character.


The Opulence Of Integrity is performed by six dancers and three actors sourced from within the independent acting communities and performance markets.  The invocation written for this piece by Patrick Washington is performed live.


Appealing to a plethora of senses, The Opulence of Integrity recently prompted a  Brooklyn, NY audience member to say the work was “beautifully danced/played, and contained several powerful moments that will resonate with any black man with a pulse. Thank you for the experience.”

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